Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm Alive!

So sorry for the lack of posting!  Grad school has taken up just about any extra second I have had in the past few months.  I will probably be posting a few posts to catch up for the months of being MIA.  While I was away we have learned SO much and come SO far! The pictures from this post are from the first few weeks of school.

Aren't they the sweetest?

Grandparent's Day....

My little models...

Our peacemakers and our name counting activity..

Our peacemakers and our name counting activity..

Humpty Dumpty

This was my favorite Nursery Rhyme activity.  We jumped over the Jack's and counted how many we jumped then wrote the number on our candlesticks.  

Pete the Cat

Lily's Purple Purse.  We read this on purple day and drew pictures of things we should and shouldn't bring to school.

These turned out so cute!
Working together to create our Chicka Chicka tree

My sweet sweet friend. :)
Hey Diddle Diddle...retelling... this was lots of fun!
retelling with a partner

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