Saturday, April 7, 2012

Down on the Farm: Part 2

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  We were on spring break week before last.  

Wow what a FABULOUS week!  We've had such a great few week; I can't believe our time together is almost up!  I feel like this year has gone by super fast.  I am going to miss this group of kids and parents terribly.  I have never seen a group of kids who love each other SO much.  They always want to help one another and me any way they can.  They almost always use kind, peacemaker words with one another.  Of course, there is always some tattling and bickering, but just your normal 5 and 6 year old arguments and I'm not complaining a bit. :)  You will probably see more an more nostalgia as the year comes closer to the end. :(

This week we ended our two week unit on farm animals and farm life.  We had a lot of fun working and learning.  At the end of the week we had Farm Day... a fun filled day!   We also had a really quick Easter egg hunt.  Check out my next post for pictures of all the fun!  I want to thank my fabulous moms' that always seem to be there when I need them to help out, the parents that brought the much needed end of the week Easter treat, and my own mother who never fails to go above and beyond.  She brought an Easter basket FULL of goodies for each one of my students. :)  I don't know how we teachers make it through the year without fabulous parents there by our sides!

Color words are on the front so students will know what color to color their turkey.

****If you bought this unit in my TPT store I noticed that I only made 10 sets of sheep.  I updated it and corrected the instructions for making the game.  Instead of 10 different color fences, you need 12.

This one and the one below are my favorite kind of activities right now, not only do they have to understand the concept and read the word, they have to COMPREHEND what they are reading and show their comprehension through a picture.

This one was super hard for most of them.  I will definitely teach it better next year.  They had to count how many 4 and 2 legged animals then figure out how many more 4 legged animals there were.

Farmer Tig..wearing a wIG of IG words... SO cute!

These turned out super cute.

I LOVE these farmers and tractors!  They turned out SO cute!
I am thinking about making a TPT packet for all the cute farm things we made.  It would probably be NEXT year when I got it up (grad school and making new units....eek..enough said (: ), but let me know what you think.

And two cute, funny things I had to share...
"Mrs. Chamblee!!!  ***'s plant is broke!! It looks like this!"  I couldn't help but giggle.  How precious is that!  I had to snap a was too cute not to. :)

They LOVE to dress up to read the room of do their choices...LOVING the sunglasses and binoculars. I thought this was too cute not to share as well.  :)

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! I love the farm crafts that you made, I would love for you to create a tpt packet for these!!