Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brainy Bugs

Sorry I am just now posting from last week!  I feel like I have been going, going, going nonstop for the past week or so!  I have a big group project, paper, and finals coming up with grad school.  I have lots of weddings and showers coming up for different friends.  At school we have zoo, DIBELS, and lots of end of the year stuff coming, I have one more unit to make (hopefully).  Needless to say, life is crazy at the moment!

Aaaanyways...last week we learned all about bugs (insects to be exact).  We had lots and lots of fun!  Check out all the fun stuff we did!
The Mobile Dairy came to visit and we got to see a cow being milked!

These ideas came from either KinderbyKim or  LOVE them both!!

If you like the center activities you see here, click here to check out my Brainy Bug unit!

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