Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aaaaaaaand WE'RE BACK!

     These first few days have been so much fun and super busy!  I have a fabulous class of 18 friends who are are definitely going to keep me on my toes!  It's so funny to see how much progress they have made already.  The first day, our line was more like a huddle.  Today, we walked in a straight, SUPER quiet line!  I was so proud!  

Check out some of the fun stuff we have done so far!
Playing with playdough on the first day

Our first didn't stay this straight for long. :)

After reading the Kissing Hand, we took a tour around the school and pretended to be raccoons.

These friends took the initiative and started sorting supplies at the end of the day!  Such big helpers!

He put his head all the way inside the bag each time he got something out of it.  PRECIOUS!

Big helper!

Pictures from Meet and Greet

Chester Raccoon

This isn't so cute, but I made it really quickly so that we could practice cutting on straight lines.  We also practiced identifying colors and numbers, coloring, and number order!  So many skills in such a simple paper.

Today we talked about being peacemakers and bucket fillers and made our own peacemakers.  Each of our friends got to stamp their hands on the world and help make a list of what a peacemaker looks like. This is probably one of my favorite things we do all year!

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  1. Love you world with the handprints:)
    You have a darling class!