Monday, August 19, 2013

All set? You bet!

Well... It's finally here! It's 4:23..AM and I'm wide awake wondering if there is anything I've forgotten for the first day of school. Do any of you do that?? I get so anxious/antsy the night/morning before...not in a bad way of course. I just get so excited! I thought I would post some pictures of my classroom since it may not look the same after today! I hope everyone else has a fabulous first day!!
I saw something like this on Pinterest and went with it. Hopefully I can keep it up all year. 
My cubbies. At the top are all kinds of inspirational quotes I found on Pinterest. I was going to put them around the door frame but it made the door way too busy. 
My best of friends Mrs. Mosley and my classroom all ready for the first day. 
Love my rocking chair. 
Love this hanging helper sign 
View from my teacher table
Play dough is always great for the first day. It keeps the kids entertained while their new friends trickle in. 
The kids will choose a basket (1 dot basket when they finish math centers and 2 dot basket when they finish literacy). The baskets typically have two choices (games). 
My writing center. I'll take a more detailed picture later. So excited about it!!
I'm also excited about the white work boxes. My hope is to put differentiated work in each drawer for kids. 

Love my treehouse. 

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  1. Looks great!! Today was my first day with the kids. Planned so much, did about half - there's always tomorrow :)