Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Traditions and MORE...

This week we learned all about how or what kids all around the world celebrate during the Christmas season.  We created a fact book to share all this fun information with others!  
Cover page
I'm not really sure why the sheep is standing on Baby Jesus's head...

We listened to Feliz Navidad...the kids LOVED it!

One Italian legend of La Befana is that she was on her way to take presents to Baby Jesus but couldn't find him.   Instead, she left presents for the good little boys and girls and coal for the naughty ones.  She comes on January 5th, but is a lot like Santa.

And who could forget Old Saint Nick!

Next year, I am definitely going to make this whole experience even better.  I LOVE learning about different cultures and want to instill in my students that love as well.  I know some people at my school send a gingerbread man around the world and he writes letters from different places.  I love this and may use this idea next year.  I'd love to skype with a class in some of these areas or watch a video or even do some type of Promethean Board activity...Any ideas?  Do any of you do anything wonderfully awesome to teach different traditions around the world?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Here are some cut ornaments that we made to go on our class tree!

This Rudolph's antlers are a bit droopy.

These were my absolute favorite!  We made them on sand paper.

Handprint snowmen ornaments...for some reason the pictures are fuzzy.

This was supposed to be a handprint snowflake.  It was cute in my head...didn't really love the finished product.

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  1. Did you make the pages and ideas for your Christmas around the World book? It is super cute! Will have to pin it so that I can remember for next year!