Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

This week my k-friends started out so well!  Almost everyone finished their work today (a huge feat for some) and everyone worked really hard!  The following are activities from Morning Work Baskets, Math Centers, and Literacy Centers.  Keep a look out for all of our fun theme activities we're doing this week!
Morning Work
Count the dots and color the correct number.

Color, cut out, put in order.

Create a pattern.

Color the correct color.

Color, cut out, and glue beside the correct shape.

Math Centers

The reindeers had a race.  Figure out where each reindeer placed but matching the number with the number word.  Put them in order. Write the number and number word.

Color the correct number of dots.

Measure the "toys."  Color the correct amount of "cubes" and write the number.

Literacy Centers

Out weekly pocket chart story. 

Find F.  Write F.  Trace F. Draw a picture that begins with /f/.

Color, cut out, and put in order.  Notice that "I" is missing (not on purpose), but she did a great job!

Color, cut out, and glue pictures that begin with /f/ in a stocking or present.  I love this one.  I asked what the letters were for on the stockings.  He said (in one of those " should know this kind of voice) for me, my sister, my mom, and my dog...such attention to detail. :)

Pull an object out of Santa's stocking.  Say the name and dot the beginning sound.

Read the words.  Write them under the correct word family.


  1. I love your center ideas. If you are willing to share, my kids would have so much fun.

  2. Hey Girl! I nominated you for a new blogger award. You can go to my blog to see :)

  3. Love your centers! If you will share, my kids will love it!