Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh the Hats Community Helpers Wear...

WOW... We have had such a great week!  We got to see Jack Hartmann Wednesday AND had Career Day today (see next two posts).  
This week we learned all about community helpers.  This is one of my favorite units!  It's so much fun to talk about all the cool people who help us in our community and see how the kids perceive each of these community helpers.  I wish we had more time to focus on each career, but we did talked about quite a few.  During theme time, we made tools and things so we could "be" each community helper.  We made some cute really things and we made at least one thing that was what you'd say was an epic fail...definitely a learning experience.  I want to do a lot more with this unit next year.  Since I have all or most of my center things prepared, I can focus more on that next year.  Check out all the fun we had this week...

Morning Baskets

 Literacy Centers

Scientist...experimenting on an alien.

Math Centers

Write the number and correct sign..<,>, =

Theme Time

Ok... the next two pictures were what we made for dentists...
The first one is what I wanted them to look like, the second one is how they turned out. 
It was super rushed and unstructured.  Needless to say, I will think this one through a bit more next year. :)


  1. Great ideas! Love the tool belt and police hats! Where did you get the police hat pattern? Your kids look like they are having so much fun,
    Love your blog

  2. Thanks so much! I actually just searches police hat on google or yahoo and clicked black and white. It was one of the first few images :)

  3. love it!! thanks for sharing all the pics!

  4. Do you have the masters available?

  5. Love all the pictures!!! So cute and such lovely ideas! :) Do you happen to have access to copies of some of the center games/activities??