Friday, February 10, 2012

Will You Be My ValenTIME?

Wow!  What a week, what a day!  We have had SO much fun this week doing all our Valentine activities.  I am amazed every day at how much my little friends have learned already this year!  I have so many readers AND writers!  I am super excited about all the progress we're making.  Here are a lot of the fun activities we did this week:

This was SOOOO much fun!  I taped hearts on the table cloth the spelled our sight words.  The kids hopped from letter to letter to build the sight words and wrote them on their paper.

I think we may need to practice shape drawing. :)

THIS is an awesome game I bought from Lakeshore.  The kids absolutely love it!  They look at the picture and jump to each letter to spell the word!  SO fun!  They were so excited to have this as their choice when they finished their work.

We practiced counting to 26 AND wrote our ABCs.

We searched the room for sight words.


I love you to the moon and back!  SOOOOOO precious!  We talked about who we love and who loves us the most in the whole world.  First answer? GOD!  Love it!  

 Ok... this is a DUH Miss Chamblee moment.  We measured our hearts and did a great job, BUT I forgot our paper said WIDE so we measured the height.  Oops.

Since next week is Valentine's Day AND Community Helper week, we made mailmen delivering love letters.  I absolutely loved making these and my kids did too!  The heads are a little out of proportion, but they are still super cute.  After we made our mailmen, each kid wrote a "love letter" to someone they love.  They did such a great job! :)

Next helpers and JACK HARTMANN CONCERT!!!!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I am loving that Lakeshore spelling game! I am going to their site to check it out now! I am your newest follower!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Yay! I love having new followers! You won't be disappointed if you get the spelling game! Your kids will love it!!!

  3. Hey girl! You have got to show me the tablecloth sight word game. That looks cool but I need to see it up close! Love your activities! Now I know why you stay so late!

  4. I love your centers. What is the name of the lakeshore game? I would love to buy it. It looks like alot of fun. I think my students would enjoy it.