Monday, March 5, 2012

Spectacular Space Fun

Sorry so late on the new post!  I was out of school Friday and am just now getting to it!  Last week we had SO much fun learning about space!  We learned all about stars and make a star fact book, we learned facts and myths about the moon, we talked about how we would make the world a better place, and we talked about how people travel to space.  Our centers were all based on space.  If you like what you see, you can buy the unit at my TPT store!  Just click HERE.  We had two super cute activities planned for Dr. Seuss's birthday on Friday, but I was out sick and school actually ended at 12:30 (2 hours early) due to bad weather, so.... those two super cute activities will have to wait until next year!  Check out all the fun we had......
 Math Work

This was kind of tricky for them.  Since they know to read left to right, they noticed the pattern was "wrong."  Since they had to do the pattern in a circle, they had to figure out that they started at the top and went around.  I probably could have done this an easier way, but they were so smart and figured it out!

Measuring WIDTH

Literacy Work

Build, write, illustrate.

SO fun!  For their write the room this week they got to wear "moon" shoes (sponges) and astronaut helmets.  They LOVED it!

Building sight words.

Space Fun

Our star books.  I opened them so you could see each page.
Stars are made of gas.
Stars are hot.
The sun is a star.
The sun is the closest star to Earth. 

We learned moon facts and talked about The Man in the Moon and talked about real vs. fantasy.

We made super cute rockets!  

The rockets are from a super cute transportation theme packet Mrs. Holcomb from Kindergarten Khronicles and I created.  We will have it in our TPT stores soon!  Transportation included in the packet are: rocket, airplane, helicopter, car, 18wheeler, train, sailboat, and cruise ship.  It will also include directions on how to make each form of transportation AND words to go with each one!  Check out my blog post at the end of the week to check them out!

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