Friday, March 9, 2012

Transportation Day Fun

Today was Transportation day... WHAT FUN!!  We started out our day created blimps to go on our school-wide transportation mural.  Next, we went outside in the freezing cold (Alabama went from 70 degrees yesterday to about 50 something today).  Outside we got to see lots of cool types of transportation...a moving truck, a convertible (which all 16 kids got in at one time), a limo, a 4-wheeler, a motorcycle, a 3-wheel bicycle (not sure of the "true" name), an 18wheeler, a marine police boat, police car, firetruck, a bucket truck (yes, Miss Chamblee went up in it!), and an ambulance.  After seeing all the cool transportation we got to play with transportation toys, sing songs, play some games in the gym, and watch part of a transportation video (Cars 2 (: ).  We also got to watch a guy from the local hobby shop drive his cool remote control cars around! At the end of the day we got to sit inside a hot air balloon and learn all kinds of things about them.  I'd like to thank everyone involved in making today a great success, especially the parents who bough the convertible and the sweet mom that hung out with us all day!  Check out all the pictures to see all the fun we had!

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  1. What an amazing transportation unit and day with all the different kinds of transportation. I would love to teach at your school! great post and wonderful ideas. You are very busy.