Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Intervention

I've finally come around to sprucing up my intervention and my kids LOVE it!  I can finally see those light bulbs start to flicker in some of my little friends' heads and I am so excited about it! 

 We've really been hitting initial sound fluency HARD!  I have a few who still aren't QUITE there, but they're getting there!  It's so hard to remember what each picture is AND each initial sound!

This is a fun game created by my friend Mrs. Holcomb, check her out!  
 This is a game I made that involves counting as well as number and number word recognition.  We call it Eat at My Table.  Each kid gets a plate of beans.  I spread out the number forks and number word spoons. Then, we count the beans on the plate.  They have to find the correct number and number word.  If they don't know, we use the number line to count and find the number and our initial sounds to find the word!  Once they find the match, they use the fork and spoon to gobble up all their beans!

 This is another game my kids LOVE!  We call it SET the Table.  First, I lay out all the bowls and we match the upper and lowercase letters.  We make sure the say the name and sound too!  Each kid gets at least 1 table.  The tables have a picture on them.  One at a time, we decide what the initial sound is and then find the letter bowls to match.  They LOVE setting their tables!

 Some of my students still have a bit of trouble with color recognition.  I say or show a color and the students have to find it on their ring.
 Letter naming practice.  I got the idea from Julie Lee (She's AWESOME!).
 Here we are "picking" sight word corn.  I write or say a word and the kids have to find it, read it, spell it, and read it one more time.

 These are two different letter recognition games.  Students match uppercase and lowercase letters and say sounds.
 This is a fun game where we practice number identification, then counting and comparing.

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