Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful for...blogging :)

This is our very first classroom blog!  I hope to blog at least once a week about all of our classroom happenings.  These first pictures aren't too great, because I decided to take pictures and didn't have my good camera.

What better way to start blogging than posting pictures from the first week of our Thanksgiving unit!  The kids have LOVED learning about Native Americans this week.  
During snack and rest time today we watched Pocahontas.  I loved hearing the kids talk about how the settlers weren't being peacemakers, but peacebreakers to the Native Americans.  

Theme Time:

We created these trifold picture stories after reading about Squanto.  The students filled in the blanks (see picture below) and glued to the front of the paper, then we retold the story of Squanto by creating these pictures.  They LOVED it! 
 One of my students put his fish on upside down "so everyone would know it was dead"..clever, huh?

Indians carried their babies in a papoose on their backs.  
The kids LOVE this!

The Indians helped the Pilgrims hunt and grow food. 

Fraction Native Americans...this was a bit hard for some of my k-friends.  I got this idea from Julie Lee..she is AMAZING!

The rest of this blog includes activities I created for math and literacy centers.  These aren't all of our activities, just the ones I created.

Math Centers:

Pick a group of feathers.  Count them and find the headband to match.  Write the number and draw that many feathers using the correct color.

Pick a teepee.  Count the dots.  Find the Native Americans that match.  Write the number and number word.  Color the teepee the correct color.

 Literacy Centers:
 Cut and glue pictures that begin with /i/.  We do one of these every week for each letter.
The students pulled an object out of a bag, said the name of the object, decided what the initial sound was, and dotted the correct letter with a bingo dotter.

Pocket chart story (we have one every week).
I am a little ______ Indian. (fill in the color word and color the Indian the correct color).

Find Ii.  Trace Ii.  Write Ii.  Draw a picture of something that begins with Ii.

Color, cut out and glue in order. 
(multicolored because my printer was out of black ink)


  1. Very cute centers! glad I found your blog! Will you share some Indian centers? Where did you get the darling graphics? The Squanto project is a great idea, I will try that next week. Thanks for all the ideas. I love the fraction Indians too!
    Tonia in Redlands,CA
    I will be a new follower!

  2. Thanks for the cute ideas! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Thank you so much! Tonia, I will send the center things I have on my computer ASAP. I got my graphics from DJ Inkers or kpmdoodles (she's on Etsy). I have made new things for Pilgrims and Thanksgiving as well. Be on the look out! Hopefully you will like them too!

  4. Just found your blog.....These activities are amazing!!! I love all of them! The fractions activity and Squanto retelling is awesome! Any chance you would mind sharing?

    Happy Monday!

    Haley :)

  5. I am so glad I found your blog. I have been looking for ideas to use with my kids. Your ideas are awesome. I would love a copy of your ideas to use with my kids. They will love them.
    Thank you,

  6. Your Indian ideas are great!! I really love the baby in the papoose. I would love a copy of your centers that you are willing to share. I really like the Indian headband center and the Indians with teepee center. SO glad I found your blog!!