Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeling Charitable?

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas break!  I know I did!  It was much needed!  We went back to school Tuesday and I can already see the Christmas Magic working its way through my class! YAY!  I can't believe we are half way to 1st grade!

I noticed that I have a few new followers.  Thanks so much for your interest in our classroom happenings.I will make a class update very soon!  

I am posting today in hopes that you will check out the following link and share it with friends.

Here is a little blurb from the website:

Please join in helping find a "Kure 4 Kamryn."

Kamryn Jolie Brumbeloe was born on July 21, 2011, to Will and Kayla Brumbeloe. At Kamryn’s two month doctor visit, she was diagnosed with an enlarged spleen and liver. She was sent to the Children’s Hospital Emergency Room that day. Many different tests were run on Kamryn, and on November 29th, she was given a horrific diagnosis. Kamryn has Niemann Pick Type C Disease. NPC is an extremely rare recessive genetic lysosomal disease; there are currently only approximately 500 known cases worldwide. There currently is not a cure for NPC. However, there is still hope. Kamryn has been diagnosed at a young age, and there are new, remarkable treatments out there. Hopefully, the majority of the treatments will be covered by insurance, but unfortunately, related expenses such as travel, temporary housing, and other living expenses are not covered by insurance and are adding up quickly. Kamryn and her family need your help. Please join in helping find a “Kure 4 Kamryn.”"
I don't know this family personally, but the mother is from my hometown.  I thought I would do what I could to spread their story.  Though I am not a parent yet, I can't imagine what this family is going through.  I am sure any help you or anyone else could give this family would be greatly appreciated!  You can click on the link to donate and/or read more about Kamryn.
I hope everyone is having a blessed week!  Keep checking in for a class update!

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