Friday, January 20, 2012

We are dreaming of...Wacky Weather!

Yes...last week we learned all about weather and Martin Luther King!   And what wacky weather we've been having here in Alabama!  I love my cold winters and I have yet to see one with these 60 degree days!  

Last week we learned all about weather and talked about the appropriate types of clothing to wear in different situations.  Our centers and morning work were also based on weather.  

I color coded these Dollar Tree snowflakes with colored dots.  One of the snowflakes was bigger than the 10 blocks (oops), but most of my kids added 3 squares to make it work!

We are still working on sentence rules as you can see. :)  They love figuring out what the sentence is!

Along with our centers, we made a weather book with pages about sunny, rainy, snowy, and hot weather.  I forgot to take pictures, sorry!  It ended up being so cute though!

On Friday, we did a lot of Martin Luther King, Jr. activities and the kids REALLY got it!  I love teaching them about someone who was a real life peacemaker.

Before we started the lesson, I asked if anyone knew who he was and one of my little girls said, "He got all the brown people and white people to be together.  He was a peacemaker."  I LOVE the way little kids make things so simple. :)
Before we started our lesson, I had a brown and white egg.  We predicted if they were the same or different inside then cracked them open and realized they were the same, like us...we may look different on the outside, but on the inside we are all the same.  We have feelings and dreams. 

During this activity I gave this side of the class cheerios and didn't give the other side any at all.  The discussion went a little like this.
kids: "Miss Chamblee... you forgot about us!"
me: "No, I didn't."
kids: "Why don't we get any?"
me: "Because I don't want to give you any (I hated saying that, but I was about to make my point.).  How does that make you feel?"
kids: "Sad!" "Bad!" "That's not fair!"  
me: "Why is that not fair?"
kids: "Because they have something we don't!"
me: "How do you think the people MLK was trying to help felt?   They couldn't use the same bathrooms or go to the same restaurants and schools as other people."
kids:........silence (They were thinking this over in their 5 year old brains)......."That's really mean!"  "That's not being a peacemaker."
Of course after we talked a little more about why it's important to treat everyone equally, I gave everyone cheerios while the kids talked amongst themselves about how mean people can be.  I love these big conversations with my little k-friends!

 Love these!

And what perfect timing to bring in the -ing sound?! 

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