Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Zero the Hero and I'm Here to Say...

Wow!  What a fun week, we learned all about penguins and polar bears (check out the next post) and celebrated the 100th day of school.  We had SO MUCH fun on the 100th day!  We counted to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's.  We made a really cute 100 day hat.  We made a Fruit Loop necklace with 100 Fruit Loops.  We did 100 exercises and made pictures of ourselves at 100.  We did 100 jumping jacks. AND.....WE GOT TO SEE ZERO THE HERO!!!  When the kids came back from P.E. he jumped out from under the treehouse with lots of goodies for us!  This year was such a success, I think next year we may do even more 100 day things throughout the day.

Making our 100 Day hats.  Each kid had 10 strips.  
Step 1: Write your name on EVERY strip.

Step 2: Put your strips on your spot.
Step 3: Pick a spot with a bag around the room and put 10 of whatever is in the bag on a strip.
Step 4: Put the strip on your spot and pick another....
Step 5: Once you have 10 objects on each strip, Miss Chamblee will put it all together!

This ended up being almost perfectly organized.  I had a few that got their strips mixed up, but we worked it out!

So stinking cute!

100 Exercises!

100 Fruit Loops (I think)

Zero the Hero!
The kids were expecting him to show up all day long.  When he did you could hear a pin drop.  They were in total shock!  But as they put it later, "Zero the Hero is COOL!"
Finished product. :)

SO cute!!

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